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Changing the s60 font.

First let me list out the things you would need for this tweak:

1) FExplorer
2) Easy GDR Creater ( To Make your Own Fonts ) [ See Link Below ]
3) FontRemover ( To Uninstall the Fonts, and get back to Default ) [ See Link Below ]
4) Brains laugh.gif

>> DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE:http://www.geocities.com/dhanesh_rs/font_create.zip

<< Easy GDR Creater.exe , FontRemover.sis & Test Font

STEP 1 :
Make shure you download the latest stable build of FExplorer. Its NO virus and millions of Symbian users use this piece of software. It is essential if you need to take a peek or do a few changes ( cut/paste/copy ) between folders that you cant normally see by default.

STEP 2 :
Send the file FontRemover.sis to your phone ( via bluetooth, Infrared or Cable ). Install the file. After installation open the program, It should ask if you want to delete the Font or not, hit YES. It should then ask you to reboot, DO NOT reboot.

STEP 3 :
Install Easy GDR Creater on your PC. Start the program. I dont know what language this is but just assuming its Thai. Dont worry. After you have the program open, you need to select the font location, just click on the ????? (5 Question Marks) beside the text box that says "TTF Font" , select the font and hit ok. INCASE this dosent work on some PCs then you have to manually type in the font location.
eg: C:\Documents and Settings\Dhanesh\Desktop\times.TTF ( Times New Roman )
C:\Documents and Settings\Dhanesh\Desktop\arailbi.TTF ( Arial Bold Italic )
NOTE: you can find the ACTUAL name of the font by dragging and dropping it on your desktop. Remember to drop the font back in the fonts folder !!

After you are done selecting the font, hit the next button ?????? ( 6 question marks ) and you will be able to see a preview of the font you just selected smile.gif

You can change the Size / Unicode-ASCII / Symbol-Unicode options to suit your needs. The OTHER tabs on the top are for other window options on the phone. For instance the Text messaging font, the Menu font, the options font etc. There isnt a full help provided on this, but if you set your mind and hang in and play around a bit with this program, I bet you would know how it works. When you make changes in each and every tab in Easy GDR Creater, the programs compiles the changes and saves it in 1 GDR file.

After you are ready, hit Compile to GDR and save the .GDR file.

STEP 4 :
Now send this .GDR font file that you created to your phone. Open FExplorer and go to C:\system and create a folder named as "fonts" so your path should look this way:
Now go back to the Mailbox ( in FExplorer ) and find your .GDR font. Cut and Paste it in C:\system\fonts , so your path would look like this C:\system\fonts\times.GDR

STEP 5 :
Exit FExplorer and NOW Reboot your phone. ( remember: no reboot after you remove the font with fontremover :: Step 2 )

You have successfully changed the font on your S60 phone